Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2022
Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2022

This week is all about celebrating the backbone of the economy. Without truck drivers the store shelves would be empty, and the hospitals would have no life saving supplies. According to the ATA, the trucking industry is responsible for transporting over 70 percent of all goods in the USA. Trucking also provides an incredible number of jobs. It is the most prevalent job in 29 of 50 states in America.

We know how important trucking is to the world, and at DVL, we want our drivers to know how valuable they are to us. We work hard to ensure that drivers have a good environment to be as successful as possible. We were founded 11 years ago on a commitment to create a company that drivers wanted to be a part of. What exactly goes into a commitment like that you ask? Great question! Some action steps we have implemented include:

 • Hiring dispatchers that are different. We recruit and train a very specific skillset to negotiate for the best rates and bring the highest compensation possible. Our drivers frequently talk about the money they make here compared to other companies, and we love to hear it! Our dispatchers are a major reason for that.

Offering an incentivized pay structure where drivers can earn up to .08 CPM more! Our Safety, Fleet, Accounting, HR, and Dispatch departments all devoted to helping drivers score as high as possible on their scorecards to give drivers more knowledge and earnings.

Superior training for drivers. Drivers can learn any trailer type they desire so they can grow their careers. We also help company contractors grow to become owner operators and fleet owners.

A team of Driver Relations specialists who resolve issues and help with a smooth onboarding process, so drivers always have someone advocating for them.  

An onsite truck center. Not only is it convenient for drivers to have an easily accessible truck center, but we also offer our drivers significant discounts. Our drivers can get their truck serviced while staying in our onsite hotel and using our company vehicles.

Most of our truck drivers are moms and dads with families. They have real stories full of incredible dreams. We’re here to help make those dreams a reality, so our drivers can build a legacy they are proud of. That’s why we do what we do, and we’re working hard every day to continue making DVL a company that is all about our drivers.

As an added bonus, for Truck Driver Appreciation Week we have some gifts for our drivers! If you are in town, swing by the reception desk and ask about your Truck Driver Appreciation Week gifts. Some of the items may include:

-Aviator Sunglasses
-Beach Towel
-Diamond Light-Up Bluetooth Speaker
-Tire Gauge Keychain
-Plush Blanket


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