Trucking Success: The Equipment
Trucking Success: The Equipment

“The availability of excellent equipment can make or break a trucking company.”

If you want to know what kind of quality transportation services a trucking company will provide, first look at the equipment. You will know the excellence level of the drivers based on the equipment they choose to operate. As the old adage goes, “you get what you give.” 

At DVL we want our drivers to know how valuable they are to us. One major way we communicate this truth is by offering our drivers newer, more reliable trucks. Not only that, but we stock them with everything a CDL-A driver could need to enjoy their time on the road.

The Trucks

When DVL began, there was one owner operator and one dispatcher. We’ve come a long way since then. 

Newer trucks are vital to the success of any transportation company, so our trucks mostly range from the year 2020-2022. Volvo & Freightliner is our primary brand for company drivers, and our goal is to add 100 new trucks in 2022! This year we have added multiple Freightliner Cascadia 126, and Volvo VNL 760 trucks.

Truck drivers have a tough job, so we want them to be comfortable out there on the road. Here are some extras that we add:

Inverter – Charge computers, set up a big screen tv and play some video games,  or power your George Foreman Grill. The options are open, which is how we believe it should be for our drivers.

Refrigerator – Maybe your spouse cooks several meals for the week, or maybe you just want to keep your leftovers from Outback Steakhouse. Either way, a refrigerator is a necessity in our eyes. 

Microwave – Easily heating meals can help to keep you on the road, where the money is made. Stay on the road, use your nice microwave!

Webasto – Since we run all of the lower 48 states, you may find yourself overnight in Maine or Minnesota during the winter, and southern Texas in the summer. Webasto helps the cabin to stay warm in the cold and keeps the engine cool in the heat.

APU – There’s no need to keep the truck in idle mode with an auxiliary power unit (APU). Turn on heaters, AC, or a tv.

Samsara – Having a dashcam is invaluable for the work that drivers do. In addition, Samsara makes it extremely easy for drivers to complete pre-trip inspections and submit any necessary work requests to the fleet department.

Deer guard – You know what a deer guard does, plus it makes the truck look more rugged and tough. As you may have seen from some of our videos on social media, it’s also a great way to do some sit ups!

The Trailers

All our reefers, and many of our other trailers are equipped with a Hendrickson Auto Inflation System. Tire pressure is extremely important to maintain because a flat tire is the number one reason a truck goes out of service. With this system, the safety and durability of our trailers is improved.

The Track Record

Every time a driver comes to our lot, we put in work to clean the truck and trailer. This improves longevity, which in turn brings success for everyone involved. 

Since we have a shop on the yard, we also fight to keep all our equipment in great shape mechanically. Our drivers deserve the best, so we give them equipment and maintenance that will last out there on the road!  

If a driver does have any minor issues, they can submit a request through the Samsara app and our fleet department will respond right away. For emergencies, our support staff is available 24/7. 

All of this has proved to build a great reputation for DVL drivers. They are second to none and we plan to keep it that way! 

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