We believe in doing all the good we can and in spreading kindness every chance we get!

At DVL Express, we are proud owners of a modern vehicle fleet, we are a growing company, and we are a successful player in the freight services industry. But we like to think of ourselves as more than just a trucking company. We are people. We are the drivers, mechanics, dispatchers, recruiters, managers, and other staff that come to work every day and make it all happen. We value our people and their health and well-being. We intentionally foster a caring, family-like atmosphere because the formula is simple: if we take care of people, people will take care of the rest.

That's why we consider it an honor to be in a position to be able to sponsor various charities and nonprofit organizations that assist children in need, disadvantaged families, disabled adults, and victims of natural disasters, both here and abroad. We happily donate money, time, manpower, or whatever may be needed to aid the efforts of the compassionate people managing and working in these kinds of programs. So whether it's performing a random act of kindness or supporting a cause close to their hearts, the people of DVL Express CARE!















DVL Express Kharkiv office attended a special local school on October 12, 2019, to spend the full-of-fun day with its children. Altogether, they planted some trees on the territory of the school, had a tea party with sweet treats, and enjoyed each other's company.






2018 Hustle Up Lung Chicago