DVL Express is a successful, dynamic and fast growing company. We are a team of talented and passionate professionals, working in a safe and productive environment based on trust and respect. Our goal is to be a leading freight services provider - something that we’re achieving every day through a combination of our own modern fleet, highly skilled & diverse staff, as well as strong work ethics.

We believe that the success of our business as a whole depends on the success of each and every one of our workers. That is why we do everything we can to make everybody feel like a true member of the team, paying close attention to each individual worker’s needs, skills and career goals.

Along with extensive benefits, our workers also have opportunities to grow, learn new skills and improve existing ones - helping them progress in their chosen careers. And, of course, we place the highest value in your professional future and our reputation as a business by adhering to the safest business practices, following all rules and regulations of our industry.

We look forward to hearing from you!