$500 Treasure Hunt for Truck Drivers
$500 Treasure Hunt for Truck Drivers

Who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt? To say thank you to truck drivers everywhere, this Truck Driver Appreciation Week weekend we are rolling out our new $500 treasure hunt!

The game is simple; we give one DVL driver a bottle with $500 in it, they choose a beautiful destination to hide it, and truck drivers from any company can go out to look for it.

Whoever finds the bottle gets $500 once they send us a video of them finding it. When someone finds the bottle, we will send out another $500 and the game will continue! We will alert everyone through our social channels once someone has found the bottle, as well as when we are hiding a new bottle.

Trucking can be challenging, draining, and lonely. By doing this treasure hunt we hope to spice things up a bit and increase community interaction amongst drivers. Plus, seeing the beautiful destinations that drivers get to view to is always a bonus.

DVL drivers who hide the bottles will receive a $250 bonus for their efforts as well! The rules are very straight forward:

  1. The finder must be a CDL-A Truck driver to win (they can be from any company)
  2. The finder must send a video to s.eller@dvlexpress.com of them finding the bottle
  3. DVL drivers cannot divert from their routes to win

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