10 Proven Reasons to Join DVL Express as an Owner Operator
10 Proven Reasons to Join DVL Express as an Owner Operator

Owner operators are the most reliable and motivated business owners on the planet. Driving a truck always has challenges, but owner operators are responsible for a lot more than just driving. Whether you’re an owner operator who is just starting, or you’ve been a business owner for a long time, DVL Express is here for you!

1. Business advising to help you grow

DVL Express started with one owner operator from Ukraine in 2011. We know how to grow the right way. For instance, we can help with:

• Running an efficient business
• Accounting, HR, Fleet, Safety, Marketing
• Settlements
• Best practices

2. Training for different trailer types

Freedom is one of the main reasons people get into trucking. The ability to pull any trailer type is a huge asset, especially in this economy. That’s why we offer trailer change and can train fleet owners and drivers in:

• Dry van
• Flatbed / Open deck
• Reefer
• Conestoga

3. Dispatchers who work hard to offer the best paying and most consistent loads

• Consistent communication and support
• Negotiating for the best rates
• Wide range of industry connections with brokers and customers
• Average dispatcher experience is 5-6 years
• Single source dispatch

4. On-site truck repair shop

Our truck repair shop gives our owner operators the ability to stay on the road and save money while doing it!

• Conveniently located on our lot in Markham, Illinois
• Secured parking and hotel
• Special pricing on tires and maintenance
• 24/7 roadside assistance

5. Better discounts

Get the cost benefits of a large carrier!

• Fuel discounts up to .40 cents per gallon at select gas stations
• Discounts on repairs & preventative maintenance
• Tire discounts
• Great insurance rates

6. Affordable 3rd party connections to keep you covered

Our connections offer any of the following:

• Health, dental, and vision insurance
• 401(k)
• Family packages

7. Free L.A. Fitness membership

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live

Jim Rohn

Healthy people are typically happier people. DVL strives to give drivers and owner operators the best chance for success. One way we do that is by offering an on-site gym and free gym membership.

8. Assistance with claims & accidents

We have a dedicated team of specialists to help owner operators investigate and settle claims.

• Investigate, evaluate, and settle insurance claims
• Determine whether the insurance policy covers the loss claimed
• Decide the appropriate amount the insurance company should pay
• Ensure that claims are not fraudulent

9. Industry leading insurance rates

Because of our excellent safety score, we can offer industry leading insurance rates!

• Physical damage insurance – $45 (weekly)
• Occupational accident insurance – $152 (monthly)
• Liability & cargo insurance – $265 (weekly)
• Low rates for trailer rental

10. 24/7 support from the DVL team

As an owner operator it’s nice to have a team of experienced experts around to help.

• Step by step instructions
• Always available to help
• Working with your transit, load, and schedule preferences
• Quarterly training

Owner operators have options. You should run your business the way you want! We exist to help you grow your business, so please let us know how we can be a resource for you.


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